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Buffalo Police Federal Credit Union offers a variety of loan programs to its members including home mortgages, new and used car loans, home improvement loans, and personal loans.

Since the Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization, it can offer these loans at very favorable rates — often below what local commercial lenders charge. The interest on Credit Union loans is used to pay dividends on members’ savings and checking accounts.

Auto loans

Searching for just the right vehicle can be extremely time consuming. Don’t waste additional time searching for a place to finance your loan. Our rates are competitive, the loan application process is quick and convenient, and the service you’ll receive is friendly and efficient. We finance both new and used vehicles.

Personal loans

Need extra money for auto repairs, vacation, the holidays or some other personal expenses? Our personal loan may be what you need. These loans don’t require any collateral, just your promise to pay, making them a great alternative to credit cards for smaller expenses like vacations, car repairs, or holiday gift giving.

Sallie Mae Student Loans

Share secured loans

Share Share Secured Loans are loans backed up by your own savings account. Naturally, these loans have a lower interest rate because payment is guaranteed by an amount in your savings account that is equal to the balance of the loan. Your savings will continue to earn dividends while you are paying up the loan, making this loan perfect for first time borrowers wanting to establish their credit.


Buffalo Police FCU has partnered with the OwnersChoice Funding to bring its members Mortgage Services. Whether you want a loan for a new home purchase or looking to reduce the interest rate on your current mortgage with a loan refinance, Buffalo Police Federal Credit Union has the right mortgage option for you.

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